Watching them Grow

So I’ve been absent from here for a few months now (sorry), it’s because I’ve been spending the last few months thinking about the future and watching our girls grow. Amongst the chaos of the end of year events and planning  I’ve been relaxing and spending time with the kids, and that time is priceless. 

I will always get to plan an event or paint a picture but I won’t ever get to see my girls at this stage of life again. We all need to learn to love the little things in life, it’s hard sometimes when your little people take so much of your time, but hey it’s only for a season, so may as well make it a good one. 

So last month we held our annual Girls Brunch which is ran by my beautiful church called Epicentre, where we hosted 400 women and just had a day where we spoil all of them and also honour one amazing woman in our local community. This event takes months and months to prepare for and we love doing it. Every year I paint some artworks and we make prints of them and give it as a gift to all the women along with their other gifts. This year I painted three floral artworks amd I loved them. So fun and easy. These prints are available for purchase Here in sizes from A5- A3

I also do a live artwork on the day. Which is always fun. 

Amongst all of that planning and execution I still made sure I had time with our girls. Some mud, a bubble machine, new life, chores, cuppa tea time, baking, most of these things are day to day things that are there waiting for you to make the connection and invite your kids to be apart of. Most of the time kids just want to come along side you and learn what your doing because guess what ……they actually want to grow up to be just like you! Easiest way to train them is let them have a go and join you, if they are too little they learn pretty quick that it’s actually hard and they will have to keep trying or wait till they get big. For those really hard things I don’t like saying you “can’t do it because your too little” I would rather say “sure you can have a go, but this is a bit hard and normally only big people do it, but you can have a try if you like.” They try, they fail, and you say “that’s ok, you just might have to wait till you’re a bit bigger”

Try and find those things in your day that are always there that your kids could join in with. My girls love watering the veggies, making cups of tea (yes!!! I love this) collecting eggs, helping with cooking (can be a pain sometimes but I remind myself they are learning, it won’t always take this long and it’s not a big deal if it takes an extra 5mins because everyone wanted to have a turn at stirring). 

Currently we are in the process of planning and organising our end of year carols event The Christmas Spectacular on the 11 December. This is a free event we put on for our community here in Echuca/Moama and this year is going to be even more amazing our team at Epicentre have organised so many awesome things. At our kids/youth festival, which runs for an hour before the main event, we are having facepainting, reptile farm, petting zoo, pony rides, clowns, crafts, lolly give aways,jumping castles, dunking machine, giant boxing, sumo suits, and bubble soccer!!!! I’m sure I would have missed something, the featival is loaded with stuff for the kids and youth to do, and it’s all for FREE FREE FREE!! 

Then we have the main event with loads of beautiful carols sung by very talented local artists and a live Band, we also have dancers and I’ll be doing a live art work also, then we end the night with a fireworks display! It’s going to be a great event, I’m currently doing stage decor and costuming, gonna have to whip the sewing machine out again I think. 

So after all of this I’ll be planning next year as we move into homeschooling…..gulp. Next year is going to be sooooo different, and there is nothing that I have done that I can remotely compare it to. I won’t know till I get there but I do know I’m going to try my best, we are all looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to it and I’m scared all at the same time. It will be good I’m sure. 

Remember to enjoy your day to day!

Until next time xxxxx Sage


Starting Fresh 

Ok so I just had one of those weeks. I started the week on an empty tank after having a house hold of sick people the week before, and ended it with my toddler doing a literal poo on the floor during church (face palm, funny but not funny) and then a late night trip to emergency, gahhhh! 

Wow I’m tired now. But I’m looking forward, not backward. Yesterday I felt like the devil just gut punched me. After a tired week of taking on new things and having sick kids and also the heart ache of a lot of our friends dealing with serious illnesses, I told my husband I was ready to start a new week and he said he felt the same. Literally within a couple hours of speaking those words my almost 3 year old did a poo on the floor at church whilst my husband was preaching! What the! So I was quietly dealing with that and half wanting to cry and laugh at the same time, more quiet laughing was happening from myself and a few of my friends than anything else (so glad for friends that can find the humor in these situations), thank goodness I was sitting up the back and not at the front like usual!

Then we get home at dinner time (we have church at night) and to lighten the mood I thought I’d cook pancakes for the kids for dinner, and not just any pancakes, I thought I’d put my ‘fun mum’ pants on for a bit and decided to put a little colour in the pancakes. So we had 4 pretty princesses eating pretty pink pancakes for dinner, the girls thought it was the best. So we had an early night and I went to bed at 9pm, but was woken at 10:30pm to the sound of someone vomitting!! Noooooo!!

We have a friends daughter staying with us and the poor thing had just chucked up those pretty pink pancakes all through her bed. Pink pancakes, bad choice, doesn’t make vomit any prettier. She did a good job of it too, and didn’t miss one piece of bedding in her double bed. So after cleaning and settling her back into bed and putting a load of washing on I crawled back into bed. Ahhhh.

Then I was woken at 12am to the sound of our almost 3yr old barely breathing. She had croupe, so I grabbed her and jumped straight in the car and raced to emergency. Got her tended to and then got back home at 3am ready to crawl into bed and get woken up a few hours later ready to get the well children ready for school. 

All is well now, and I can honestly look back and laugh at that crazy day and say ‘I win’. It may have been hard but I wasn’t alone, prayer and meals from some beautiful friends, giggles at the funny parts and early bed times to refresh my body. Sometimes these moments feel like they last for ever but we get through them and look back and see that they weren’t as long as they felt. We don’t need to stay in that place, we need to pick our selves up and keep moving forward, gather others around you for support. Only look back for reflection and learning, not to dwell there and re live it over and over, we need to be in the present but use our rear view mirror only as a tool to move forward and to learn from, and as a tool for teaching our selves and others.

So now I’m pulling a meal out of the freezer, I’m re freshing, having an early night and taking it easy today. Starting fresh today, not waiting for the end of the week to start a new one, I’m starting now. Choose a positive perspective. We all have a choice. 

Have a great rest of the week!

Sage xxxxx

DIY Wooden Home Decor Signs

Old farm wood is your friend! Don’t burn it… use it and make some beautiful signs to hang in your home. I have some in the front entrance of our home that I love. They don’t take very long once you get comfortable doing them. 

Here is the ones in our front entrance,

Choosing the font to use is the most time consuming thing, I can never make up my mind. There are a million fonts out there, I have this cool book that was actually my mums from high school! It’s a great reference.  

All you need to make one is:

  • Old piece of wood. Pallets are great for this.
  • A chalk pencil or lead pencil
  • Paint and a brush
  • Permanent marker or black paint
  • Ruler (if you are doing box letters)

Here is the latest one I have done for our living room, as we recently got family photos done so I will be hanging this on the wall with the photos. 

Start by sketching on your words Using the chalk pencil. The chalk pencil is my preference as it is easily wiped of aft wards. Also use a ruler of needed. I always find the middle of the board, and make sure the middle of the word goes on it, so for the word family, the spot between the ‘M’ and the ‘I’ would be in the centre roughly. 

Then just get painting! Use appropriate brushes for thick and thin lines. The paint I use is actually a white house paint. It’s just a tester pot, I find it is a lot better for the signs because the pigment is stronger in it. But any paint will do.

Then once it’s dry get your marker and mark in the shadows. Just stick to one side of your letters, nothing fancy to it just pick left or right and stick to it. I chose the right on this one. Putting a shadow on your sign makes the letters pop out. You can do a thick or a thin shadow, I chose thin. 

There are never ending ideas on Pinterest for signs in your home. Go check it out and give it a go.


When your littles get sick

There is nothing worse then scrubbing vomit out of the carpet and car seats, the loads and loads of washing, the broken sleep because we are holding buckets and rubbing backs and changing sheets at 1am and 2am and ……you know what it’s like.

So that was my night last night. It began at dinner time and is still in swing. Our youngest that is almost 3 has just had her first experience of a tummy bug. I’m exhausted but the worst is seeing them unwell. The best thing for them is sleep when they are sick and that’s what she is doing right now. I lay her in bed, pray over her and she is out, I’m sure she will wake well and herself again. 

When our kids get sick we need to care for them and comfort them as much as we can but also we need to care for ourselves, for the sake of everyone else in the family and the one who is sick. We need to be empathetic but not let it consume us. Just do what you can and leave it at that. Worry does nothing for anyone. 

Take care of your self, when they are rested and comfortable, take a rest for you. Have a cuppa, read a book, have a quick nap. Leave the chores for an hour or so, get some rest and then you can continue refreshed. 

Right now I have washing that needs to be hung and clothes to be put away and groceries to be in packed. My little one is asleep so I have only packed away the frozen groceries and now I’m having a break. Cup of tea and a magazine.

Remember you need to rest also, especially if you are caring for others others.



It’s OK to say NO.

‘No’, that dreaded word that we all hate to have to say to people. No body wants to do it, we all want to say ‘yes’ and help everybody and solve everybody’s problems all at the same time right?. But in order to live a healthy family life, we need to learn how to say ‘No’. So how do we do that?

So this is something I have struggled with  over the years but am getting better at. I’m good at solving problems in a really practical way and  I have always been the person that everyone comes to for help with odd jobs or help them make something etc. and I love it, and for most of my life I have always said yes. If I am really honest with my self most of the yes’s I said would have been one of two reasons, in younger years they were out of fear of disappointing the person asking, which resulted in a lot of bad choices. I would literally go well out of my way and sacrifice a lot just to help out, where if I had just said ‘no’ sorry I can’t because I’m already doing a lot that weekend’ or something like that, it would be no skin off the other persons nose, they would have found someone or had someone as back up anyway. The second reason if I’m honest would be that it is all about me. By this I mean the intention seems well but really deep down its for self gratification and not simply out of serving the other person with love. It’s not even about the other person, it’s about me, and it’s about me feeling needed, and me feeling valued, and me feeling like the hero. And when you take a long look in the mirror and realise that pleasing people isn’t even about the people, it’s actually about us and how we feel when we please people it makes you realise where you were getting your worth from and to take a step back and get some perspective and re connect with who we really are. There is a huge difference in doing something to be loving and doing something to be loved. So am I saying yes because I want to genuinely help, or am I saying yes to make me feel good about me?

We all have the same 24hrs in a day, and we can’t keep squeezing more stuff in and creating minutes out of thin air. Something has to give, and we need to be really sure of our priorities in these times. I quite often want to help out and feel really bad when I have to say no, and it’s not a healthy spot to live in, feeling guilty because you can’t help because you have to prioritise other things first isn’t nice. We need to realise when we say ‘no’, that we are going to be ok, that everyone else is going to be ok.

Don’t ever feel like you don’t have a choice. You not only have the right to say no but you have the responsibility to say no. If you don’t protect these things that matter to you, these priorities, your time, your family, if you don’t protect them no one else will do that for you.

So it’s ok to say ‘no’ sometimes. Don’t feel the need to take everything on. Before you answer think about it, can I fit it in, do I need to re schedule, is it a priority, can I help in a different way, is this something I can say yes to now or do I need to wait a bit.

Saying yes or no to things also depends on the season you’re in. I have had a lot of time and have been able to say yes to a lot of things but I will soon becoming into a season of having to say no to a lot. As we start home school for the first time i will have to say no to a lot of other things that I used to do.

But when we say ‘no’ to one thing we are saying ‘yes’ to another. Maybe saying ‘no’ to staying that extra hour after work means saying ‘yes’ to more time with your family. Maybe saying ‘no’ to another weekend out means saying ‘yes’ to saving money and having time to build your business. Maybe saying ‘no’ to that random job that isn’t necessary means saying ‘yes’ to catching up with a friend.

So saying ‘no’ isn’t a bad thing, sometimes it’s necessary and healthy for you and your family.

Have a great weekend

Sage xxxx

DIY All Purpose spray

Making your own household products is easy. There are lots of DIY sprays out there, but here is a quick easy one with the natural antibacterial and cleaning qualities from vinegar, bi-carb soda, lavender or eucalyptus or tea tree oil. 

Most store bought cleaning products will fit into two categories: expensive or toxic. But a home made option is neither and can clean even better.


  • Spray bottle
  • 2-3 tablespoons of either, lavender, eucalyptus or tea tree oil 
  • Roughly 3 tea spoons bi carb soda
  • About 1/2 -1 cup white vinegar
  • Water

First you need a good spray bottle. Mine here is just a 500ml spray bottle I got from the garden section of the supermarket. I find they are tough and spray very good. Or you can just re use an empty spray bottle.

Then you need your vinegar, soda and oil. Now the oils I use are natural products from Australia, you can find them in groceries store in the health/medicine section. They are water soluble and have a wide variety of uses, from disinfecting, relief from insect bites to cold and flu relief etc, you can add them to your mop buckets, or add into water and use as an air freshener, they are great. 

In this spray I use the lavender as its smell is more pleasant for around the house and not as potent as the eucalyptus and tea tree oil. 

Now all of my measurements are rough estimates as I don’t normally measure, but this should be a good guide. But you do have to follow the order of ingredients otherwise you could end up with a messy science experiment, I know from experience hahaha


  1. Add the oil to the bottle
  2. Add soda
  3. Then add the vinegar
  4. It will fizz and expand in the bottle, it will seem like it’s going to fill the bottle, wait until it has died down a bit.
  5. Give it a little swish around, then add water to fill the bottle. 

And you are done! You just made a disinfectant multi purpose spray. You can clean anything, use as and air freshener and disinfect. No nasty chemicals. Try it out. 

Growing Vegetables from Seed 

Growing from seed isn’t as hard as you think. I was always worried about growing from seed with a lot of vegetables, so I was selective and only grew things I knew worked, like beans, as I thought that it is a lot more work growing from seed and I thought buying seedlings had a bit more guarantee to the success of my plant. 

It is not only far cheaper but I have now found it extremely easy, to grow all sorts of plants from seed, and the best part is I use recycled materials. The key is to have the right environment, and a little hot house that is warm and moist is the best. I have found that re using empty containers that would have just gone to the bin to be the best way to start seeds. 

I like to use bottles, that way the plant can grow up a bit higher inside, plus I get two mini hot houses from one bottle. I plant directly in the prepared ground, I find it doesn’t dry out as easy. I have a designated garden box just for raising seedlings. You can use pots or empty strawberry containers but I find that they dry out a lot quicker because the small amount of soil can’t hold as much water and you have to really make sure it doesn’t dry out.

Write on the top of each bottle what seeds are under it and what date they were planted, this makes it easier to know how old your seeding is and when to plant it out and also when you should be able to harvest from the plant.

 Now not everything has to be started in a hot house. It just depends when you are planting and what you are planting. Like right now it is almost spring and I want to get a head start on a few of my plants, it is warming up but it is still quite cold if I were to plant some tomatoe seeds, so putting the seeds in a hot house gives them a nice warm environment to germinate in. 

I have grown all sorts of things from seed, from asparagus to tomatoes, strawberries to herbs. It’s not hard, it’s quite rewarding, seeds are cheaper then seedlings, and also you can collect them for free from your own garden! 

I hope you give it a go and have a beautiful vegetable garden at the end of it. 

I’ll leave you with this cute baby asparagus I grew from seed.

 Happy planting xxxx


The Guinea Pig Hut

The Guinea Pig hut on wheels, convenient for mowing your lawn and the perfect housing for your free range piggies.

So our three little pigs were in need of a new house. The old tin cage they were in had rusted out and was falling apart. So I designed some little huts and this is what we ended up with, and they love it. A two levelled cosy home made from recycled and new materials.

The wheels wont last (I know that), I cut them off an old dolls pram that is only for outside and was going to the tip anyway, they were what I had at the time and will do for now until I get some and do it properly. The pallet I found, and the scrap tin and some of the wood was found at the farm, I purchased the rest from Bunnings. Its a great house for them because I can just push it out the way to mow the lawn and we can move it to fresh grass for the guinea pigs, also they can hide under it and get shade when the weather heats up.

I have a small tool bag of my own now days. It is great for me, it has basic tools such as hammer, tape measure, staple gun, nails, zip ties, pliers, gloves, wire, wire snips and a screw driver. You can do a lot with those few tools. Then there are the bigger tools such as, jig saw, drill, wood saw, angle grinder, and recently my husband bought me a drop saw so I could make frames for my art works (now there’s a post, a lot of trial and error there haha). Don’t be scared of using any of these, honestly they are so easy, just give it a go, as long as you are wearing the right kind of clothes (non flammable for when you are using angle grinder on steel, cough, cough) and have safety gear for your eyes and ears when needed then its easy. Have a go at building something.


Farm treasures

So I’m a little addicted to what I like to call “Farm Foraging”.  I absolutely love wandering around my in laws family farm and finding little treasures. These are my latest finds, and lucky me with my father in laws ‘ok’ I got to take them home! An old transistor radio, scales, rusted singer sewing machine, old key, a beautiful tin lid my daughter found and a few more odd treasures. 

The family farm was a soldier settlement farm that has been in the family for 3 generations so you can imagine the beautiful old vintage things that are just waiting for someone (me) to come and find them.Now to arrange these beauties in our home to be admired by all. 

What have you found that is old and beautiful?

Perspective and Atmosphere

It is a very busy and very loud world. We can become all consumed in it to the point of drowning. I thought I would share a few ways that help me have a positive perspective, achieve goals and how to create a beautiful atmosphere where ever we are.


SCREEN TIME- I am a firm believe in limited screen time. Other then it being the biggest time suck of our day, When we are constantly looking at other peoples lives, others gifts and talents, others dreams and desires, others “highlight reels”, we can fall into the trap of comparison, and I believe comparison is the biggest thief of Joy. I don’t go on my Phone in the morning or at bed time (I don’t always succeed at this, but that’s the goal). I want my last thoughts at night to be my own, and morning should be a refreshing time to do something for your self, spend time in the quiet, reflecting and being thankful. the last thing we want to do is reach for our phones in the morning and have the first thing we focus on are other peoples dreams, goals, thoughts, achievements. If we are always looking over the shoulder of others and what they are doing with their lives, then we are not present in our own, and we aren’t using our gifts and talents, we are just looking at other peoples gifts and talents. I think it is ok to be inspired by others or moved by their stories but there comes a point where we need to put the screen down and walk our own lives.

QUIET TIME- As I just mentioned quiet time is a refreshing time where we can centre our hearts and heads. It might be sitting in silence for 15mins. Mornings are the best time for me. I like to start my day early, getting up before anyone else in the house. I try to have an hour but sometimes its only 30mins before little people emerge. I get up and boil the kettle, make a cup of tea, then I just sit for a few minutes and say all the things I’m thankful for. I then sit quietly and just breath deeply  for a few minutes and just listen, this is the most relaxing and refreshing thing ever. Just that alone with nothing else added to it can help you begin your day in a happy place.

THANKFULNESS- I believe it is so important to have a thankful heart always. Be thankful even when you don’t feel like it, actually I think its far more important to be thankful when you don’t feel like it, as it helps change your perspective out of a negative “poor me” mind set, and into a blessed mind set. We have all had those moments as mums where we are washing clothes and cleaning everyone else’s messes and we start to think “what about me”. I can remember a time (actually lots of times) where I was doing the dishes that never seem to end and just thinking “I never get to do the things I want to do, I’m always picking up after everyone, I never get time for my self……” and it goes on, you know how it goes, when all of a sudden I had a fleeting thought. What ever we believe, and where ever we think it comes from, we have all had those moments where we have heard something outside of ourselves speaking to us, I believe that is Jesus, and in this moment of self pity, of a feeling of unfulfilled dreams He just said “Sage, be thankful”, “be thankful for the children you get to clean up after”, “be thankful for the house you live in”, “be thankful for the dishes you get to wash”, “be thankful for the family you get to cook for daily”, “be thankful for the dirty clothes you get to wash”, “how lucky are you that you can have this many dirty clothes and your family still has clothes in the cupboard to wear”. It went on and on and on, and I felt so silly, so silly that I as a grow woman could actually have been resenting blessings in my life because I had the wrong thinking. Reality is that if I didn’t have my husband and my family (which were my original dreams), they would be the very thing I would be searching for. I still have these pity party moments, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t feel that I stay there, it comes then goes just as fast as it came, Ive worked hard at making the habit of thankfulness. So always remember to be thankful daily, there are so many blessings in your life, it will change the atmosphere around you.

REFRESH- take care of your self, don’t wait for someone to tell you to, or wait for someone to give you permission to take care of your self. No one likes tired grumpy mummy, so an early bedtime every now and then and my morning quiet time is like a daily refresh for me, a midday cuppa and reading a few pages of a book is great also. Find daily refreshing moments that you can create, don’t wait for that big weekend away or when you have money to go get a pamper, finding moments in your day to day life is the most refreshing.

be patient be kind

So I hope this helps. There are so many other things, be patient and be kind to your self and others. xxx