The Guinea Pig Hut

The Guinea Pig hut on wheels, convenient for mowing your lawn and the perfect housing for your free range piggies.

So our three little pigs were in need of a new house. The old tin cage they were in had rusted out and was falling apart. So I designed some little huts and this is what we ended up with, and they love it. A two levelled cosy home made from recycled and new materials.

The wheels wont last (I know that), I cut them off an old dolls pram that is only for outside and was going to the tip anyway, they were what I had at the time and will do for now until I get some and do it properly. The pallet I found, and the scrap tin and some of the wood was found at the farm, I purchased the rest from Bunnings. Its a great house for them because I can just push it out the way to mow the lawn and we can move it to fresh grass for the guinea pigs, also they can hide under it and get shade when the weather heats up.

I have a small tool bag of my own now days. It is great for me, it has basic tools such as hammer, tape measure, staple gun, nails, zip ties, pliers, gloves, wire, wire snips and a screw driver. You can do a lot with those few tools. Then there are the bigger tools such as, jig saw, drill, wood saw, angle grinder, and recently my husband bought me a drop saw so I could make frames for my art works (now there’s a post, a lot of trial and error there haha). Don’t be scared of using any of these, honestly they are so easy, just give it a go, as long as you are wearing the right kind of clothes (non flammable for when you are using angle grinder on steel, cough, cough) and have safety gear for your eyes and ears when needed then its easy. Have a go at building something.



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