Growing Vegetables from Seed 

Growing from seed isn’t as hard as you think. I was always worried about growing from seed with a lot of vegetables, so I was selective and only grew things I knew worked, like beans, as I thought that it is a lot more work growing from seed and I thought buying seedlings had a bit more guarantee to the success of my plant. 

It is not only far cheaper but I have now found it extremely easy, to grow all sorts of plants from seed, and the best part is I use recycled materials. The key is to have the right environment, and a little hot house that is warm and moist is the best. I have found that re using empty containers that would have just gone to the bin to be the best way to start seeds. 

I like to use bottles, that way the plant can grow up a bit higher inside, plus I get two mini hot houses from one bottle. I plant directly in the prepared ground, I find it doesn’t dry out as easy. I have a designated garden box just for raising seedlings. You can use pots or empty strawberry containers but I find that they dry out a lot quicker because the small amount of soil can’t hold as much water and you have to really make sure it doesn’t dry out.

Write on the top of each bottle what seeds are under it and what date they were planted, this makes it easier to know how old your seeding is and when to plant it out and also when you should be able to harvest from the plant.

 Now not everything has to be started in a hot house. It just depends when you are planting and what you are planting. Like right now it is almost spring and I want to get a head start on a few of my plants, it is warming up but it is still quite cold if I were to plant some tomatoe seeds, so putting the seeds in a hot house gives them a nice warm environment to germinate in. 

I have grown all sorts of things from seed, from asparagus to tomatoes, strawberries to herbs. It’s not hard, it’s quite rewarding, seeds are cheaper then seedlings, and also you can collect them for free from your own garden! 

I hope you give it a go and have a beautiful vegetable garden at the end of it. 

I’ll leave you with this cute baby asparagus I grew from seed.

 Happy planting xxxx



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