When your littles get sick

There is nothing worse then scrubbing vomit out of the carpet and car seats, the loads and loads of washing, the broken sleep because we are holding buckets and rubbing backs and changing sheets at 1am and 2am and ……you know what it’s like.

So that was my night last night. It began at dinner time and is still in swing. Our youngest that is almost 3 has just had her first experience of a tummy bug. I’m exhausted but the worst is seeing them unwell. The best thing for them is sleep when they are sick and that’s what she is doing right now. I lay her in bed, pray over her and she is out, I’m sure she will wake well and herself again. 

When our kids get sick we need to care for them and comfort them as much as we can but also we need to care for ourselves, for the sake of everyone else in the family and the one who is sick. We need to be empathetic but not let it consume us. Just do what you can and leave it at that. Worry does nothing for anyone. 

Take care of your self, when they are rested and comfortable, take a rest for you. Have a cuppa, read a book, have a quick nap. Leave the chores for an hour or so, get some rest and then you can continue refreshed. 

Right now I have washing that needs to be hung and clothes to be put away and groceries to be in packed. My little one is asleep so I have only packed away the frozen groceries and now I’m having a break. Cup of tea and a magazine.

Remember you need to rest also, especially if you are caring for others others.




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