DIY Wooden Home Decor Signs

Old farm wood is your friend! Don’t burn it… use it and make some beautiful signs to hang in your home. I have some in the front entrance of our home that I love. They don’t take very long once you get comfortable doing them. 

Here is the ones in our front entrance,

Choosing the font to use is the most time consuming thing, I can never make up my mind. There are a million fonts out there, I have this cool book that was actually my mums from high school! It’s a great reference.  

All you need to make one is:

  • Old piece of wood. Pallets are great for this.
  • A chalk pencil or lead pencil
  • Paint and a brush
  • Permanent marker or black paint
  • Ruler (if you are doing box letters)

Here is the latest one I have done for our living room, as we recently got family photos done so I will be hanging this on the wall with the photos. 

Start by sketching on your words Using the chalk pencil. The chalk pencil is my preference as it is easily wiped of aft wards. Also use a ruler of needed. I always find the middle of the board, and make sure the middle of the word goes on it, so for the word family, the spot between the ‘M’ and the ‘I’ would be in the centre roughly. 

Then just get painting! Use appropriate brushes for thick and thin lines. The paint I use is actually a white house paint. It’s just a tester pot, I find it is a lot better for the signs because the pigment is stronger in it. But any paint will do.

Then once it’s dry get your marker and mark in the shadows. Just stick to one side of your letters, nothing fancy to it just pick left or right and stick to it. I chose the right on this one. Putting a shadow on your sign makes the letters pop out. You can do a thick or a thin shadow, I chose thin. 

There are never ending ideas on Pinterest for signs in your home. Go check it out and give it a go.



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