Starting Fresh 

Ok so I just had one of those weeks. I started the week on an empty tank after having a house hold of sick people the week before, and ended it with my toddler doing a literal poo on the floor during church (face palm, funny but not funny) and then a late night trip to emergency, gahhhh! 

Wow I’m tired now. But I’m looking forward, not backward. Yesterday I felt like the devil just gut punched me. After a tired week of taking on new things and having sick kids and also the heart ache of a lot of our friends dealing with serious illnesses, I told my husband I was ready to start a new week and he said he felt the same. Literally within a couple hours of speaking those words my almost 3 year old did a poo on the floor at church whilst my husband was preaching! What the! So I was quietly dealing with that and half wanting to cry and laugh at the same time, more quiet laughing was happening from myself and a few of my friends than anything else (so glad for friends that can find the humor in these situations), thank goodness I was sitting up the back and not at the front like usual!

Then we get home at dinner time (we have church at night) and to lighten the mood I thought I’d cook pancakes for the kids for dinner, and not just any pancakes, I thought I’d put my ‘fun mum’ pants on for a bit and decided to put a little colour in the pancakes. So we had 4 pretty princesses eating pretty pink pancakes for dinner, the girls thought it was the best. So we had an early night and I went to bed at 9pm, but was woken at 10:30pm to the sound of someone vomitting!! Noooooo!!

We have a friends daughter staying with us and the poor thing had just chucked up those pretty pink pancakes all through her bed. Pink pancakes, bad choice, doesn’t make vomit any prettier. She did a good job of it too, and didn’t miss one piece of bedding in her double bed. So after cleaning and settling her back into bed and putting a load of washing on I crawled back into bed. Ahhhh.

Then I was woken at 12am to the sound of our almost 3yr old barely breathing. She had croupe, so I grabbed her and jumped straight in the car and raced to emergency. Got her tended to and then got back home at 3am ready to crawl into bed and get woken up a few hours later ready to get the well children ready for school. 

All is well now, and I can honestly look back and laugh at that crazy day and say ‘I win’. It may have been hard but I wasn’t alone, prayer and meals from some beautiful friends, giggles at the funny parts and early bed times to refresh my body. Sometimes these moments feel like they last for ever but we get through them and look back and see that they weren’t as long as they felt. We don’t need to stay in that place, we need to pick our selves up and keep moving forward, gather others around you for support. Only look back for reflection and learning, not to dwell there and re live it over and over, we need to be in the present but use our rear view mirror only as a tool to move forward and to learn from, and as a tool for teaching our selves and others.

So now I’m pulling a meal out of the freezer, I’m re freshing, having an early night and taking it easy today. Starting fresh today, not waiting for the end of the week to start a new one, I’m starting now. Choose a positive perspective. We all have a choice. 

Have a great rest of the week!

Sage xxxxx


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