Watching them Grow

So I’ve been absent from here for a few months now (sorry), it’s because I’ve been spending the last few months thinking about the future and watching our girls grow. Amongst the chaos of the end of year events and planning  I’ve been relaxing and spending time with the kids, and that time is priceless. 

I will always get to plan an event or paint a picture but I won’t ever get to see my girls at this stage of life again. We all need to learn to love the little things in life, it’s hard sometimes when your little people take so much of your time, but hey it’s only for a season, so may as well make it a good one. 

So last month we held our annual Girls Brunch which is ran by my beautiful church called Epicentre, where we hosted 400 women and just had a day where we spoil all of them and also honour one amazing woman in our local community. This event takes months and months to prepare for and we love doing it. Every year I paint some artworks and we make prints of them and give it as a gift to all the women along with their other gifts. This year I painted three floral artworks amd I loved them. So fun and easy. These prints are available for purchase Here in sizes from A5- A3

I also do a live artwork on the day. Which is always fun. 

Amongst all of that planning and execution I still made sure I had time with our girls. Some mud, a bubble machine, new life, chores, cuppa tea time, baking, most of these things are day to day things that are there waiting for you to make the connection and invite your kids to be apart of. Most of the time kids just want to come along side you and learn what your doing because guess what ……they actually want to grow up to be just like you! Easiest way to train them is let them have a go and join you, if they are too little they learn pretty quick that it’s actually hard and they will have to keep trying or wait till they get big. For those really hard things I don’t like saying you “can’t do it because your too little” I would rather say “sure you can have a go, but this is a bit hard and normally only big people do it, but you can have a try if you like.” They try, they fail, and you say “that’s ok, you just might have to wait till you’re a bit bigger”

Try and find those things in your day that are always there that your kids could join in with. My girls love watering the veggies, making cups of tea (yes!!! I love this) collecting eggs, helping with cooking (can be a pain sometimes but I remind myself they are learning, it won’t always take this long and it’s not a big deal if it takes an extra 5mins because everyone wanted to have a turn at stirring). 

Currently we are in the process of planning and organising our end of year carols event The Christmas Spectacular on the 11 December. This is a free event we put on for our community here in Echuca/Moama and this year is going to be even more amazing our team at Epicentre have organised so many awesome things. At our kids/youth festival, which runs for an hour before the main event, we are having facepainting, reptile farm, petting zoo, pony rides, clowns, crafts, lolly give aways,jumping castles, dunking machine, giant boxing, sumo suits, and bubble soccer!!!! I’m sure I would have missed something, the featival is loaded with stuff for the kids and youth to do, and it’s all for FREE FREE FREE!! 

Then we have the main event with loads of beautiful carols sung by very talented local artists and a live Band, we also have dancers and I’ll be doing a live art work also, then we end the night with a fireworks display! It’s going to be a great event, I’m currently doing stage decor and costuming, gonna have to whip the sewing machine out again I think. 

So after all of this I’ll be planning next year as we move into homeschooling…..gulp. Next year is going to be sooooo different, and there is nothing that I have done that I can remotely compare it to. I won’t know till I get there but I do know I’m going to try my best, we are all looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to it and I’m scared all at the same time. It will be good I’m sure. 

Remember to enjoy your day to day!

Until next time xxxxx Sage


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